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Stage 1 | Briefing

The briefing stage consists of a meeting which takes place on site, wherein the client’s needs and expectations are completely assessed and understood. In this briefing we will discuss which rooms need to be designed and to what extent, as well as what kind of style and timelines we will be working towards. If everyone is happy to move forward, after this meeting a proposal outlining fees, deadlines and a plan for further stages will be sent to the client.

Stage 2 | Initial design

After the briefing is complete and the client has approved the fee proposal, the design process begins. Boards, schemes and design proposals will be presented to the client. Any custom furniture, installations or lighting will be specified and drawn up at this stage.

Communication is very important during the design process so there will be regular meetings to ensure that we are on target with the timeline and, most importantly, the vision the client has for their home.

Stage 3 | On site

After the design is approved, work on site begins. In most cases we will be able to manage and oversee all work being carried out on the property and work in collaboration with any contractors. In this stage all of the finishes will be finalised and fit to create a canvas for your furniture and artwork.

At this time all orders will be placed for textiles, wallpapers, lighting and custom furniture. These items take anywhere from 8 – 16 weeks to receive so must be ordered from the commencement of on-site work.

All orders will be closely monitored to avoid or correct any errors with suppliers.

Stage 4 | Final Installation & Styling

Once all work is completed on site we will manage the delivery and placement of all furniture, artwork and home accessories.



Clients can choose to opt in for any one or all of the above stages. Pricing is unique to each project and clients needs. If you are interested in talking to us about your project, please contact us.