Cassidy Hughes began her love affair with design at a young age. Growing up surrounded by her mother’s “eccentric” (insane) decorating and in her father’s woodworking studio, she was constantly exposed to bold colours, patterns and artistry.

In 2004 she packed her meagre belongings and boarded a plane from New York to London, where she came to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in interior design. She’s been in London ever since and has been fortunate to work with and learn from some incredibly talented people. Since starting Cassidy Hughes Design she has had the opportunity to undertake a variety of large and small scale residential projects, always working closely with clients to ensure they feel happy and at home long after the project’s completion.

When she’s not busy drawing plans and specifying finishes, she can usually be found eating ice cream, scouring the internet for design treasures, getting lost in London and reading about (and sometimes even going to) far away lands… but mostly eating ice cream.







Operations Manager

Angie Vesperini was born and raised in the Corsican sunshine. She likes – in no specific order: spreadsheets, people, craftsmanship, London, art, coffee and spreadsheets. She has a way of connecting with clients and suppliers alike, her warmth and laughter are an integral part of our studio.